USB 3.0

15’ - $39.99
10’ - $29.99

USB 3.0 extension cable for use when the HoverCam needs to be set at a distance from a PC or Mac. USB 3.0 cables adds a new transfer mode called SuperSpeed (SS). A USB 3.0 cable can transmit data at up to 5Gbits/s (625MB/s).


USB 2.0

30’ - $34.99
15’ - $24.99

USB 2.0 extension can transmit data at a speed of up to 480mbp/s. When using with the HoverCam with a PC or Mac, in order to display real-time video at the highest speed possible, data throughput is at the maximum of USB 2.0. In order to extend the USB cable, we custom-made the extension cable with ultra-high grade copper and gold plated connectors.