Interactive Whiteboard Solution

If you are at one of the lucky schools with interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in your classrooms, congratulations! You’re even luckier if you have an interactive whiteboard AND a document camera to use with it. Unfortunately, not all document cameras and IWBs work seamlessly together, unless it’s a HoverCam.

Many traditional document cameras lack the proper connectivity needed to communicate with interactive whiteboards. And, even if a traditional document camera has a USB connector, their video performance over USB lags painfully, is low-resolution or both – definitely not an ideal solution for what teachers are after.

The HoverCam represents a whole new approach to document camera design. It is a computer peripheral engineered to work with both PCs and Macs via a USB cable which allows for easy connection and use with IWBs – no more unnecessary AV connections – and incorporates patented technology and the highest-resolution sensors giving teachers the clearest images and smoothest video at significantly less cost and size.


  • 1. Drag-and-drop any captured image from HoverCam’s software window into the IWB software.

  • 2. Utilize HoverCam’s Slingshot feature, which will allow an image being shown by the HoverCam to be captured and inserted into the IWB software with just one click without having to leave the IWB software.

  • 3. Utilize HoverCam’s Whiteboard Connector app to allow the HoverCam’s live streaming video to be displayed within the IWB software.

  • 4. Use the IWB software’s transparency feature to display HoverCam’s live video image inside the IWB without installation of any additional software, app or driver.


HoverCam document cameras are ready for use with interactive whiteboards right out of the box and include pre-installed HoverCam Flex software, which is also compatible with IWB software.

Remember, you don’t need an interactive whiteboard to use the HoverCam, because you can do so much with it. To learn more about our newly released Solo 8 document camera, click here.

Download the Whiteboard Connector App here.