HoverCam Flex 11

HoverCam Flex 11 is a PC software that uses similar functions and interface to Flex 10. Use Flex 11 for general instruction, audio and video-enable full-motion lesson recording, on-screen annotation, scanning, image projection and more. Flex 11 also offers advanced recording options such as time lapse and slow motion playback.

HoverCam Flex 10 for Mac

HoverCam Flex 10 for Mac software is for use exclusively with HoverCam document cameras. Use Flex 10 for general instruction with the highest quality video to record full-motion video, to annotate over video while recording, and to take 8.0 MegaPixel snapshots.


KnoteSter is our software for interactive whiteboarding, annotation, desktop marking, document camera and lesson recording and sharing. KnoteSter is free for customers who purchase our interactive whiteboards, Pilot digital podiums and document cameras. No more missed lessons. No more lost notebooks. No more borrowing notes or panicking before a test. KnoteSter captures lessons in real-time, making them accessible anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device or browser. With KnoteSter, the classroom is wherever you are.

Flex 11 Unite Plug-In

With HoverCam Flex 11 and Intel Unite, you can now display your HoverCam document camera on-screen (via your Intel Unite box) and control it remotely from you Intel Unite-enabled computer. Share your desktop screen via your Intel Unite box, or control Flex 11 key controls such as zoom, rotate, cropping, and more, all remotely.

HoverCam Flex 3

Windows XP and up, Mac OSX 10.6 and up. Flex is a free Rich Internet Application, developed on Adobe Air 3.0 technology, supplied on newer HoverCam cameras. Flex is a tool to manage digitized documents for storage, emailing, faxing, backing up to cloud, and file manipulation.

HoverCam FlexView

HoverCam FlexView is for use exclusively with Windows PCs and HoverCam document cameras. Use FlexView for day-to-day instruction with live video, taking quick snap shots, scanning, slingshot, and for sharing files.

Twain Driver

Our standard compliant Twain driver for Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Use a high resolution HoverCam scanning product with any TWAIN supported software, such as Photoshop, PaperPort or OCR.

Whiteboard Connector

A flash application which allows users of Interactive Whiteboard software, (Smart notebook, activinspire, activecapture, studionotebook) to embed and manipulate live video from a HoverCam.

HoverCam Dashtop

DashTop is an application that connects the HoverCam Nillo 100 document camera wirelessly to your Apple iPhone or iPad. With DashTop, there is no need to connect to a PC/Mac; its software lets you remotely control your Nillo 100 device to record videos, annotate lessons, and take pictures with swipe-to-zoom technology.

HDMI Viewer

The HDMI Viewer allows you to view your laptop or iPad with an HDMI connection.

HoverCam for Chrome

Designed to work exclusively with HoverCam compatible document camera models. Enables users to view, annotate over live video, capture images of the live streaming video, and more.