Pilot X

Ready to increase student engagement? Let’s start with teacher mobility.

Pilot X is your new digital teaching station, designed to drive student engagement through
teacher mobility. It combines every essential classroom technology into one convenient, wireless station,
so teachers can spend less time setting up, and more time doing what they love:


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A Tablet Computer Like No Other

At the brain of Pilot X is a powerful tablet computer with a blazing fast Intel CPU, with groundbreaking features like wireless 4K and a fold-out document camera.

It comes with Windows 10 pre-loaded*, which means you can run your favorite Windows teaching apps.

Present PowerPoint, run Augmented Reality, record a mini lesson, or drive an Interactive Panel - the possibilities are endless.

Tablet Specs
13.3" 10-Point Capacitive Multitouch Display
Windows 10 Preinstalled (license not included)
Intel® Core M3™-7Y30 Processor
Intel® HD Graphics 4600
128GB Solid State Drive
Fingerprint Sensor
Active Stylus Include


Teach From Anywhere in the Classroom

The Pilot X Tablet is designed from ground up as a wireless teaching station with UltraHD casting as an integral part of the mobile classroom experience. Uncompressed, flawless blockbuster 4K video is beamed over the air from the Tablet to any projector, flat screen TV, or interactive panels.
Just pick it up and go.

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Wireless 4K HDMI
Goodbye Messy Cables

The days of turning your back to write on your whiteboard or interactive panel are over. With bi-directional multi-touch, Pilot X can be controlled wirelessly from your interactive panel. Simply connect the HoverCast Transceiver to your interactive panel or projector’s USB-Touch port.  With Pilot X, staying “in-touch” is easy. 


A Multi-Touch Digital Slate

Multi-touch technology has simplified the way we interact with our computers, and Pilot X brings this benefit to your fingertips.
Swipe, tap, pinch to zoom, write, or freehand draw. 

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Document Camera

Compact, sturdy, sleek, and super easy to access We combined HoverCam’s best-selling 4K Solo 8+ technology right into the Pilot X Tablet. It simply goes wherever your Pilot X goes.
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13MP Sensor
4K UHD Recording
480x Lossless ASR Zoom


It’s so much more than just a document camera

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Ergonomic Mobile Podium

With wheels under this modern podium, we have designed the Pilot X to be truly mobile, versatile, and comfortable to use. With a quick tap on the foot pedal, the Pilot X can be elevated or lowered to adjust for any teaching situation: sitting, standing, teacher or student. The podium surface is easily tiltable to accommodate several viewing angles.

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Ergonomic Mobile Podium
20 Degrees Tilt | 32-42" Adjustable Height


Pop-Out Keyboard

When docked with the Pilot X podium, your Tablet comes integrated with a full keyboard. With the tap of a finger, the keyboard gently slides out. Other useful accessories like a pair of magnetic anti-slip bumpers that anchor your paper in place and a stylus holder all attach to the ferromagnetic podium surface topped with sleek tempered glass.

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Lockable Tablet Bay

Worried that the Tablet might walk away between classes?
Not Pilot X Hidden under the podium surface is a discreet storage bay where you can charge your Tablet behind a combination lock.

Your Tablet Needs a Homebase

The mobile podium provides backup power for your tablet without sacrificing mobility. With Dual-Charging technology, the podium's high-capacity lithium battery pack extends the tablet's battery life up to 8 hours, allowing for all-day wireless teaching. Simply park the tablet on the magnetic tablet dock and enjoy cordless use all day.

With the podium and tablet combo, Pilot X projects the power of digital teaching anywhere in the classroom.

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Up to 8 hours of non-stop use when docked Up to 3 hours of tablet battery life

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All in one Digital Teaching Station

Now More Mobile Than Ever