True 4K Image Clarity

13 Megapixel Sensor Captures Every Detail

Easy to use. Single USB Cable

No power adapters, no loop through cable required

Use with Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom conferencing for distance learning

solo8plus 4k clearity desktop.jpg

Engage your classroom with
Flex 11

With features such as Annotate, Picture-in-Picture, Lesson Recording, Flex 11 takes your the Solo 8+ to a whole new level!

Built-in Whiteboard Application

With Flex 11’s built-in whiteboard application, teachers can bring images straight from their Solo 8+ right into the whiteboard! Annotate, create texts and create lesson plans, and so much more with the Flex 11.

ASR Zoom

480x Zoom with ASR for greater zoom range with ultra-clear image detail